As a clinical psychologist, I work with individuals, couples and families, drawing upon a variety of different therapeutic models, including mindfulness based cognitive therapy, systemic family therapy and narrative therapy. My approach is always to help clients draw on their own strengths and resources in order to be able cope with or find peace in difficult situations. I work primarily with people affected by health problems and their families, although the definition of this can be quite broad. For example, I have often worked with women with sexual difficulties, e.g. pain on intercourse, where no specific medical diagnosis has been given.

Therapy can be challenging and often timing is everything. If you feel unsure or would like some help in deciding whether therapy could be of use to you, please feel free to email me using the message form or contact me by phone. If I think I can help in your particular situation, I will offer you an appointment, or it may be that I feel I have a colleague that might be of more use to you. You can self-refer and it is not necessary to have a referral from your doctor.

Therapy sessions usually last between 50 minutes and one hour. At some point during the therapy sessions, I will write a summary of our conversations (typically at the beginning and end of therapy), which aims to help consolidate the therapeutic work. Of course, if you would not want to receive a letter of this kind, this would not be a problem. All of your information will remain confidential, and I will discuss with you how your details will be stored. However, in situations where a psychologist is concerned about a person's imminent safety, we have a duty of care to act in order to protect the person in question. This can sometimes mean that confidentiality is broken and wherever possible this will be discussed with you first.

I am available to see people in London, Watford and St Albans. I would also be happy to discuss telephone/Skype sessions, if these are more convenient. The cost of each appointment will depend on when and where you wish to be seen. I do request 48 hours' notice of cancellations, and if this is not possible it may be necessary to charge the full consultation fee. If you have health care insurance you may find that your insurer is willing to pay some or all of the cost of your sessions, although I would advise that you contact them before booking your appointment to discuss this further.

contact information

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