Mindfulness Based Stress Management (MBSR)

What is Mindfulness?

For many people, modern living is a life of multi-tasking, living on "autopilot", feeling chronically stressed and that life is passing us by. Mindfulness has been described as developing the art of more conscious living, becoming more aware of the impact of stress on the body and mind and the habitual ways of reacting to this that can keep us stuck. The benefits of mindfulness meditation for health and mental health are increasingly being recognised. People who practice mindfulness on a regular basis report feeling calmer, better able to notice positive aspects of their lives and more able to respond effectively in times of stress.

What does a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course involve?

The courses usually take place over a period of 9 weeks, involving 8 two hour sessions and an extended session. Courses are run in a group setting, in which participants will be guided through a series of mindfulness meditational practices, followed by what is referred to as the inquiry process. In the inquiry process, I will gently encourage you to be curious about your own experiences of the practices and over time link these observations to the aims of the course. MBSR is about being with the present experience whatever that is. In between each session, you will be encouraged to do home practice of up to one hour per day, 6 days a week and given CDs to guide you through this. The course does not contain any religious content. As part of the course you will be given 3 CDs and a workbook

Please note: This course may not be suitable for everyone at every time. Before you commit, I will arrange a time with you to have a discussion so that we can decide together whether now is the right time for you. I welcome health care professionals onto the course who are hoping to go onto to train in the use mindfulness in their professional work. However, in order to do this it is first necessary to have experience of the course on a personal level

If you are interested in coming on one of my courses, please contact me by telephone or email.

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